If debt has begun to take its toll on your career, personal life, or even your family, then it’s time to consider hiring an experienced bankruptcy attorney. Bankruptcy can offer a fresh start in recovering from serious financial setbacks such as job loss, business failure, divorce, illness or a death in the family. Our attorneys offer a free initial consultation so that we can understand your issues, discuss the options available and answer questions during this difficult time. We are a debt relief agency, committed to helping people just like you, and can assist you in obtaining relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

Consumer Bankruptcy Options in Indiana Chapter 7:

If you are below Indiana’s median income bracket and seek forgiveness of your entire debt, then you may benefit most from filing for Chapter 7.  Also, it can be the ideal option for individuals with a high amount of business debts. Chapter 7 bankruptcy can provide a complete discharge of debts and can prevent creditors from pursuing you further to collect debts.

Chapter 13:

This type of bankruptcy can help people facing foreclosure, struggling with tax problems, or earning too much for a Chapter 7. Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to restructure debts and keep property that you would have to surrender in a Chapter 7.

Representation that is Affordable

If you’re filing for bankruptcy, you obviously don’t want all your money eaten up by legal fees.  Our legal representation is designed specifically for bankruptcy.  We strive to be affordable and to provide to you the quality and individual attention that your case requires. Call us today!  We’re here to help you.

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