Personal Injury

The compassion, skill and experience of our attorneys allows us to handle just about any type of personal injury claim on behalf of injured individuals. Harris Law Firm (“HLF”) is trusted by individuals from Indiana and Illinois who have been seriously injured and are seeking just compensation. We fight for our clients and have confidence that we can recover the compensation that our clients deserve. That is why all of our personal injury fee arrangements are based on a contingency fee. HLF does not get paid unless our clients get paid! In fact, HLF advances the costs associated with your case; such as filing fees, deposition costs, medical records expenses and expert witness fees.

We can handle cases for individuals who have been injured in a number of unfortunate ways including, but not limited to vehicle accidents, slip and falls, medical malpractice and workplace injuries. Our attorneys have handled serious personal injury claims resulting in catastrophic injuries, including death. HLF has skilled lawyers and experienced support staff to help make the right claim and navigate through a legal process that can be daunting without proper legal representation. Our firm has the talent and resources that will allow us to handle your claim effectively, and will allow you the ability to focus on regaining your health and peace of mind. Let HLF take care of the details and assist you in achieving the best possible outcome on your personal injury claim.